​​​​Citizens Academy Alumni Association

The FBIBACAAA is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI

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Michael P. Kelley, President

Peter M. Lee, Immediate Past-President

Anne Moore Beach, Secretary

Larry E. Keckler, Treasurer, Chair, Finance Committee

Deborah Jonas, Director, Communications

Sharon McNicholas, Director, Spirit of Giving Campaign

​Rebekah Wagner, Director, Membership Coordinator

Dena Wane, Director, Finance Committee

Tracy Davis-Ross, Director, Finance Committee

Jack Quingert, Director

Thomas S. Ross, Director

Jacqueline R. Scott, J.D., Director

Mark E. Potter, Director

Tina Patterson, Director

The FBI Baltimore Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBIBACAAA) was established as part of the FBI's Community Outreach program with the purpose of assisting the Bureau in fostering an understanding of its role in our communities. 

It is dedicated to supporting the mission of the FBI through its role as Ambassadors to the Community.  The Association supports and serves the Community Outreach Initiatives of the FBI through education; public awareness campaigns and preparedness to provide for a safer community.

As a diverse association of community leaders, we connect with communities and citizens with transparency, dialogue and community assistance, fostering positive relationships between FBI representatives and our communities.  

In the spirit of financial transparency, the Board of Directors affirm Financial Reporting
available to active members upon request.