​​​​Citizens Academy Alumni Association


The FBIBACAAA is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI

Membership is limited to CA graduates

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2023 FBI Baltimore Citizens Academy Alumni Association Member Events:

  • •January 12th 2023- “Meet the SAC and Board for MOA signing” at FBI Baltimore HQ
  • •February 21, 2023 - FBI National Academy FBIDCCAAA Webinar
  • •​March 2023-Mock High School Interview Volunteer Events
  • •April 1 2023-BWI Security Tour 
  • •April 4 2023- May 9th 2023 Delaware Citizen’s Academy
    •April 12 2023-FBIDCCAAA Webinar Josh Campbell
    •April 22 2023- Faith Based Active Shooter Training How to Survive an Active Shooter GGWO.ORG/EVENTS
  • •June 3 2023 Project S.A.F.E Operation P.U.L.S.E
  • •Tuesday, June 20th 2023 Horizon Day Camp Volunteer event
  • •July 18-19 2023- FBI Teen Academy
  • •August 1st 2023-National Night Out
  • •July TBD FBI Terrorist Screening Center Tour
  • •TBD 2023- Protecting our Children Exploitation of Innocents
    •September 26 to November 14, 2023, (6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)- FBI Baltimore Citizens Academy 
  • •November 2023- Quantico trip for members